One satisfied employee will do more than three dissatisfied.“

Henry Ford

Even though the pleasant part of Bratislava where our companies are based we did not choose by chance, this alone is not enough to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in our workplace. Only we can do so ourselves – by our behavior and attitude. However, as an employer, we can contribute to its maintenance, e.g. a package of extra benefits for our employees. You will definitely appreciate them too if you join us.

The following are the benefits we provide to our colleagues:


"Birthday holiday" – a free day on your birthday.

"Sick Day" – a free day in case of unexpected health discomfort.

"Christmas day off" - one extra day off during Christmas and New Year, so you can spend longer and more comfortable holidays.

Also, we work only during regular working hours, we do not overdo it and we do not give the artificial impression that we are irreplaceable. Everyone manages to finish their work during working hours and thus have time for other activities.



"Fresh fruit day" - fresh fruit for employees directly at the workplace.

"Relaxing massage at work" – every month we enjoy time pleasantly spent with massage.



"Volunteer events" – a joint activity to contribute to the improvement of our surroundings.

“MCGA Christmas party” – we celebrate the end of the year together!


The program of our benefits is open and we always welcome the opinions of our colleagues on what would please them the most.