We are socially responsible

We understand socially responsible business and corporate philanthropy primarily as the implementation of activities that are generally beneficial to society and all concerned parties. And one of those parties is also our neighbors in the city, even the little ones...

Did you know that as little as 15 minutes of exercise a day helps to break down harmful toxins from a child's body? That is why we have long sponsored the children's football team "Česko Slovenská Futbalová Akadémia MALACKY" and the hockey team “HOBA Bratislava”.

But we also think of children who, for various reasons, do not take part in organized sports activities. We wanted to help a little with that, too, so last year we "rolled up our sleeves" together and embarked on a self-help renovation of the playground in Bratislava's district of Palisády, where we are based. During one working day, we cleaned the public children's playground of rubbish and stones, repainted the swings and "climbing frames", and replenished the hedge by planting dozens of new shrubs. In the end, we installed a new wooden seating area for "big and small ones", which everyone had been missing until then.

However, we do not forget our employees either. After all, Henry Ford once said, "One satisfied employee will do more than three dissatisfied." That's why we always try to do something extra for them.

Which “extras” do our employees value the most? We were greatly praised for introducing the so-called "Birthday free day" - a day off to celebrate one´s  birthday. However, much valued is also the possibility of using the so-called "Sick day" - a day off in case of one´s health disorder that does not require a visit to the doctor.

And our latest hit? Regular relaxing massages right at the workplace!