About us

Even though 18 years have passed since the founding of the first of our companies, we are still just as young and open to change and we try to stay that way.

We are sensitive to the current rapid development of society not only as people but also as professionals and are not afraid of "big" topics, such as environmental protection or social responsibility.

We keep pace with the electronization of all areas of our professional life, actively maintaining and increasing our own expertise, and for our individual approach to clients we are being repeatedly rewarded with positive references from all areas of our business.

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We protect our environment

Nowadays, environmental protection is one of the most topical issues in any civilized society. And while it is still not a matter of course for everyone, we are trying to lead by example. If each of us contributes our "little bit to the mill" today, all future generations will thank us.

We are socially responsible

We understand socially responsible business and corporate philanthropy primarily as the implementation of activities that are generally beneficial to society and all concerned parties. And one of those parties is also our neighbors in the city, even the little ones...

We are professionally engaged

The most sensitive area within our business activities is the management and collection of receivables. Not only is there a change in the general awareness of the financial and social impact of indebtedness, we are also seeing and supporting changes in the area of ​​collection ethics, which also goes beyond the development of relevant legislation.