We also handle matters concerning debt management which is specific area of corporate law – and within the banking sector alone, we are proud to rank among the busiest law firms in Slovakia. Our clients also include Slovak’s largest bank, which has enlisted the help of the McGrath & Arthur Group for more than a decade.

”Tatra banka perceives your company as an important business partner who, during our mutual cooperation, fulfills its obligations arising from concluded contractual relations properly, responsibly, within the set deadlines and always at a professional level.“

One of the interesting challenges we faced was the legal cooperation on the implementation of several road and highway constructions. The project had a value of more than 400 million euros – with a large construction company – and we provided a thorough contractual service with hundreds of subcontractors and business partners.

„We have an excellent in-house legal department, but some of our larger projects require immediate capacity expansion. We therefore tested an established law firm with experience in our business environment. From the original, one-time cooperation on the project, a long-lasting partnership has gradually developed, and we turn to MCGA legal regularly, if necessary, also when solving the current legal agenda.“

We also delivered our comprehensive legal advice in the creation of the well-known series, subsequently nominated for the OTO Award as Series of the Year, to one of Slovak’s renowned production companies. Meanwhile, in the field of film production, we provided the company with a complementing legal service in the preparation of several works, including an international collaboration involving a Chinese co-producer.

“Without MCGA legal, I can't even imagine our production activities in the production of films and series. I can count on them; it is easy to communicate with them - and in particular - they have never left me "stuck". That is why I have recommended their services to my friends and colleagues several times already."

We also have extensive experience within mergers and acquisitions and for example have assisted a foreign investor of a Slovak IT company, focusing on production, sales and servicing software tools and solutions.Thanks to our legal advice, the merger went smoothly, and the company continues to operate successfully while making the most of our services.

“MCGA legal has been taking good care of our legal agenda for a long time – to our complete satisfaction. Our cooperation continues, even after the entry of a foreign investor, which was smooth and successful, especially thanks to them. In addition, we greatly appreciate the support in concluding business contracts with foreign entities, knowledge of "legal" English and the ability to understand the IT environment.”

In the labour law area we most often provide employment and legal advice to our clients as part of an agreement on comprehensive legal services. We may mention the Slovak manufacturer of aluminum doors and windows, to whom we have been covering all the legal agenda for a long time. They are using our services in every area where legal solutions are necessary – employment contracts, lease agreements, personal data protection, rental or purchase of real estate for business, or even tax issues.

„We are very satisfied with the expertise and wide range of MCGA legal services. So far, we have not been able to surprise them with anything. They communicate well, they are willing and reliable, and they meet deadlines. We were surprised how pleasant it can be to work with a law firm.“

As for the comprehensive legal services, we have been also approached by one of Christian congregations in Slovakia. We represented them at the general meeting of a joint-stock company, provided solutions in tenancy and regulated rents, prepared legal assessments within litigation in their cases for the European Court of Human Rights, and assistied them in the preparation of ecclesiastical laws as well.

“Apparently, not many other law firms have encountered the division of a church congregation into three separate ones. The task was considerably complicated in terms of church law, but especially state law (litigation, real estate, contracts, and obligations to state entities). However, MCGA handled the process without any problems, as expected.“