Debt management and collection

McGrath & Arthur: We’ll Help Your Business Prosper

Since establishing in 2005, our umbrella company has grown steadily, with our portfolio already exceeding 300 million euros under its existing management team.

We want to help your business prosper, too. With extensive experience across both B2C and B2B markets, our focus is on comprehensive receivables management for key companies – within financial, utility and telecommunication.

Our service is second to none, but don’t just take our word for it. Regularly appearing at the top of our clients’ rankings in recovery performance, compliance, and service quality scores, our company represents a wise choice for all aspects of debt management.

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Also catching the attention of our clients

Easy E-processing of Data

We process all relevant data with our tailor-made and regularly upgraded EVOLIO software particularly designed to meet the needs of collection agencies and law firms. In process of data exchange with clients is our EVOLIO very much appreciated also for its ability to recognize and process all known structures and formats of transmitted data.

The collection agency and the law firm: We work in synergy

Extended Portfolio of Out-of-court Enforcement Tools

During the collection process, we can also use tools permitted by law only for law firms, ensuring the efficiency of our communication with the debtor is greater than it is for individual collection companies.

Benefits of external collection

Increased Efficiency of Recovery

Efficient collection isn’t possible without experience of the procedures involved. On top of that, you need a company that can offer unrivalled communication.

As specialists meeting both criteria, we are proud to offer an even greater level of efficiency than you might find within in-house departments of creditors.