Our team

Branislav Juráš CEO and Partner

The CEO and partner of the business arm of the MCGA group (law and accounting firms, and collection agency), Branislav is a Slovakia and Czech Republic-based lawyer. He possesses extensive knowledge of law, economics, and debt management, while being familiar with industry-specific systems within the countries in which MCGA operates.

Tomáš Petko Head of Legal Department

Meet Tomáš – a member of the Slovak Bar Association, who brings more than ten years’ professional experience in the field of law to McGrath & Arthur Group. A key asset to our legal team, Tomáš’ focus is on finance, investment and insurance with longterm experience on construction law (FIDIC). As the director of the law department of our Slovak operation, he’s at the helm of our team of lawyers, trainee lawyers and assistants.

Deana Maričevičová Attorney

Deana works as an attorney in our team and has been practicing law for the seventh year. Currently, she focuses mainly on civil litigation and non-litigation agenda, commercial law and construction law, including legal advice in contractual relations in which FIDIC terms and conditions are applied. Deana also worked in our law firm as a paralegal and gained relevant experience in civil law, criminal law, labor law and corporate law.

Lenka Veselovská Attorney

Lenka works in our team as an attorney with more than five years of experience. She started practicing law while studying at the university, when she worked as a legal assistant in an international law firm. Subsequently, she deepened her knowledge as a paralegal by gaining experience mainly in the field of civil law, commercial law, and also devoted herself to civil litigation and civil non-litigation agenda. Currently, in addition to the already mentioned legal branches, she also focuses on construction law.

Herman Pikaly Attorney

Herman is an attorney and an experienced lawyer with more than 8 years of experience. He gained his rich experience as a law clerk in renowned international law firms operating in Bratislava as well as in private companies. He specializes in the areas of commercial law, real estate law, contractual agenda as well as public procurement. His approach is focused on individual legal assistance to clients with an emphasis on quality, accuracy and efficiency. He speaks English and German.

Erika Jedináková Trainee lawyer

Erika joined our team of trainee lawyers only recently, however, she started gaining work experience already during her studies at the university as a legal assistant. In our law firm, she mainly deals with the agenda focused on the recovery of receivables at the stage of judicial and enforcement proceedings, including representing clients in civil litigation. She also deals with the preparation of various submissions, proposals, and legal analyses as per the requirements of our clients.

Marek Glenda IT manager

In the field of IT, Marek has 5 years of experience. Started with us in 2017 as a data analyst he shortly after began to design comprehensive solutions for data correction, data processes and the application of these solutions. Currently, his competencies also include the management and optimization of database processes at our international branches.

Martin Režňák Chief Accountant

Martin brings 10 years’ professional experience to McGrath & Arthur Group, alongside a desire to learn and the ability to respond to change. In his own words, basic knowledge of numbers and legislation is simply not enough to make a good accountant; the willingness and ability to see the people behind the numbers and the peculiarities of their business activities are of utmost importance as well. A combination of these skills allows for an effective collaboration with each client to ensure boosted growth and profit.