Welcome to MCGA!

Dear future colleagues,

In MCGA we know that we will maintain the high quality of the services we provide only thanks to you and your quality work. And if you are interested in one of our vacancies, you have probably already noticed in the previous article the work, health and personal benefits that we offer you beyond the corresponding financial evaluation. We also offer you a work environment in which you will be wanted and respected, and as an employer, we are committed to co-creating such an environment for you. Committed by adhering to the basic principles of respect for human dignity, tolerance, justice, honesty, decency and responsibility towards you. In the words of our Code of Ethics: "The MCGA declares zero tolerance for any discrimination based on sex, race, sexual orientation, religion, age, origin or any other reason defined by law."

We also realize that we are an integral part of the wider environment in which we work and do business. We therefore consider it our duty to contribute to its maintenance, for example through voluntary activities, in which you, as our future colleagues, will also be able to participate. One of them was the self-help renovation of the children's playground at the MCGA headquarters neighborhood in Bratislava's Palisády, which we enjoyed as a team only recently. Together we "rolled up our sleeves" and during one working day we cleaned the playground for children from rubbish and stones, repainted the swings and climbing frames, and replenished the hedge by planting dozens of new shrubs. In the end, we installed a new wooden seating area for "big and small", which everyone had been missing until then. And for everyone else, last year, as part of the "10,000 trees in Bratislava" event, we bought trees worth 2,800 euros, which will be planted at the Old Radio, on Zochova street of the same neighborhood.

Are you ready to contribute as well? Welcome to us!