We are socially responsible

We feel obliged to contribute to the improvement of the environment in which we live and work. Therefore, we started to fight certain stereotypes of our everyday functioning and today we may say that we managed to change many things.

Even though waste sorting is more and more a matter of course today, at the times we started with it, it took a while for all colleagues to get used to. However, as much important as the waste sorting is not generating it. That's why we stopped using plastic beverage bottles and instead invested in filtration system of - already of a very high quality – water from our tap.

Surprisingly as it seems, neither the use of recycled paper is very widespread. And although some of our clients do not like it and at the same time it burdens us with increased costs, we do not give up this journey either. By using recycled paper, we have reduced our company's "tree consumption" from 12 to 4 trees per year. At the same time, we are replacing these "consumed trees" by planting new trees.

In the spirit of our positive approach to the environment, we have also participated in the international project "Responsible Society" and today we are already a proud holder of the "Responsible Organization" certificate.

We also try to support those who have not been as lucky as we are, or those who are neglected by state bodies and self-governments. That is why we organize a collection of clothes every year, either for the Red Cross or other organizations. Every year, we also choose to help our neighborhood with the environment in which we live and work. This is how we revitalized the park on Mudroňová street https://youtu.be/j49E_0Tfk6w .

However, we do not neglect our youth either and we support children's football, hockey or athletic teams.